Our Success is Built on the Success of Our Clients.

“Wesco Electrics were engaged by Leightons to work on the Gateway project where they have been contracted to carry out the electrical works and civil trenching for the Great Eastern Highway expansion. The most important qualities of the service Wesco provide is their access to resources and the quality and skills of their staff.”
Eugene Maguire, Project Manager – Leightons

Colonial Leisure Group
“Wesco set a benchmark for a premium electrical service and offer a highly personalised service with great care and attention to detail in getting the job done right.”
Vern Fogarty – Colonial Group

“Wesco are the best electrical sub-contractor I have ever worked with.They are open, fair and reasonable, think outside the box and you don’t have to constantly monitor what they do.”
Stuart Nunn, Contract Administrator, Pindan

“The good thing about working with Wesco is that nothing is subcontracted out which makes them very efficient in delivering to our needs as they can do all the data and communication work.”
Phil Oates – Automotive Holding Group.

“Wesco Electrics do all the electrical communication and fire safety work at Jandakot airport for the four GE buildings. They do the fit-out work and the base build electrical works. The good thing about Wesco is that they are very willing and very responsible to do what it takes to the get the job done on time with the right quality.”
Mark Stubbings – Solutionswon

Built Environs
“The thing I appreciate most about working with Wesco is the quality of the service they provide. They are always approachable and flexible very professional in their approach, complete all tender documents on time and provide drawings on time.”
Enda Wall, Project Manager – Built Environs

Torre Butchers
“With a busy business such as ours, it is really important for me that I can focus on my customers and not have to worry about the electrics and associated compliancy issues. Wesco do all the commercial electrical work for my business and ensure I am fully compliant. They provide a very professional and reliable service which gives me peace of mind that the job is getting done to the right standard.”
David Torre – Owner Torre Butchers

City of Fremantle
“Wesco provide electrical services to the car park lighting and ticketing machines for the City of Fremantle. They are a very professional organisation that not only gets on and does the job but also takes that extra care to make sure the job is done well.”
John Flindell, Coordinator of Commercial Parking – City of Fremantle

Inglewood Hotel
“We have used Wesco for the rewiring work throughout the building and all our general electrical work for a number of years. Wesco are good towork with, they are friendly and very responsive to our needs.”
Corey Pilkington, Maintenance Manager – The Inglewood Hotel

Davmar Interiors
“Wesco are the best electrical organisation I have ever worked with. The leadership is very professional and this reflects on everyone else.”
Dave Wright, Manager – Davmar Interiors