As a fully licensed company (E.C 1419) Wesco provides an extensive building automation service using the latest ‘distributed intelligence’ technology. Through the implementation of automation control systems we can provide you with the following benefits:

Energy Management
The advantage of having the latest automation technology installed such as occupancy detectors, ambient light sensors, temperature control and variable lighting levels in any commercial or residential buildings is to provide energy efficiencies ultimately resulting in cost savings. Automation can control virtually any type of electrical load with ease.

The Automation Control and Management system available can grow as your company grows or changes. Lighting groups can be reprogrammed at any time to accommodate changing needs whilst central control can be moved from one area to another. Each system can be custom designed to suit your specific requirements.

The more compatible your technologies are, the more efficient your business will be. Wesco provides compatible systems to integrate any commercial or residential buildings including:
– Air conditioning
– Audio visual equipment
– Security and access control
– Lighting
– Irrigation systems
– Automatic doors
– Motorised blinds or shutters
– Other

User Friendly
Wesco’s system can be easily controlled through a one touch central control system installed anywhere in the commercial or residential buildings. This creates a more intelligent network with precise control.

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