Energy Audits offer practical solutions to reduce energy costs by managing your energy consumption more efficiently. Wesco work with your business and help to plan for the future by lowing energy consumption and targeting high usage areas in the workplace.

Process involved:

  • Assessing your businesses current energy usage patterns and identifying areas where improvements can be made to reduce overall energy consumption and costs such as LED lighting, solar and automation
  • Reviewing current energy usage and identifying high usage areas and overall usage patterns
  • Analysing current electrical damage, energy loads and usage
  • Using the information from the audit, creating an energy management plan for lowering energy consumption and costs
  • Return on investment calculations

Wesco delivers its customers with an energy management plan advising on areas of high energy usage and providing options on how to lower usage.

Wesco can also assist in lowering energy and power consumption resulting in lower costs through the installation of the following:

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