Wesco can Assist in Keeping Your Business Compliant.

Wesco Electrics provides customers with a range of critical preventive services to ensure their business continues to run smoothly and is compliant with regulations.

  • Testing and tagging appliances
    • Wesco will visually inspect and electrically test equipment for personal safety. Each appliance will be inspected for any defects such as deterioration or missing components. We recommend regular testing from a single outlet or appliance to an entire building in order to ensure operational safety and compliance with the latest Work Safe and Australian regulations.
  • RCD testing
    • Residual current device or RCD’s must be tested yearly to meet Australian legislation safety standards.
  • Exit and Emergency light testing
    • The testing of emergency lighting is imperative in the prevention of hazardous situations and accidents occurring in an emergency evacuation
    • Six monthly and annual testing inspection service in accordance with current Australian standards.
  • Thermographic testing
    • Thermographic testing is a fast and effective procedure of testing electrical equipment for faults and problems before they occur
    • Temperature tests on electrical switchboards for possible faults such as loose terminals or overloaded circuits to prevent an incident before it occurs.

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