Wesco Provides a Solution for All Your Solar Needs.

Wesco provides a complete solar solution to help our clients become more energy efficient. We provide a full assessment of your operation or organisation and supply and install a solar panel system in line with Australian standards.

Benefits of solar:

  1. You can be in charge of your electricity supply while lowering the cost of your power bill
  2. You can impact on the environment by cutting CO2 emissions and reducing your carbon footprint
  3. Low cost of installing solar power systems. The cost of the systems has dropped in the last ten years and there are still plenty of government incentives
  4. A long term investment that will increase the value of your property
  5. Flexible, expandable systems that can change as your circumstances change
  6. Increasing use of solar systems in Australia.

We have the capability to install 3KW to 300KW systems and ensure the system is designed to maximise solar benefits.

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